One Hour Horror Anthology

What writer was an influence on Lovecraft, Tolkien, Anne Rice, King and even Henry Miller? Answer: AHB

Algernon Henry Blackwood, was so much more than a prolific English short story writer and novelist from the turn of the last century. In his own words:

“My fundamental interest, is signs and proofs of other powers that lie hidden in us all; in other words, the extension of human faculty. An extension of our normal consciousness can reveal new, extra-ordinary powers.”

Blackwood is an hour-long prestige horror anthology television series solely inspired by his writings. Massively visual, slightly hallucinogenic, always entertaining, Blackwood’s writings are a well-spring of free-flowing genre gems.

Confronting those aforementioned horrors is what the series “Blackwood” is all about. Environmental horror, body horror, horrors that arise from within, and horrors that press in on us from without with little to no regard for us. He is the godfather of cosmic horror, after all. This is horror in the vein of “The Witch”, “The Endless”, “Hereditary”, “Midsommar”, and “Lovecraft Country”. What “Black Mirror” did for Sci-Fi, “Blackwood” will do for horror. It’s a relevant thinking person’s horror… a horror of ideas.

No traditional monsters here, “Blackwood” protagonists deal with the terrors at the edge of what conventional thought considers “real”… they will truly confront “the unknown”. The terrors that keep us complacent in the face of a heating planet, horrors that chill us about rising hate among us all, anxieties that won’t let us sleep because there’s something out there so large, so beyond us, it might, unthinkingly, step on us as it passes by as we do ants on the ground.

The show is stand-alone tales like The Twilight Zone; each episode is under the creative control of a single creative team like Masters of Horror; and it has the thematic element and guiding force of Black Mirror by being united under one inspiration.

Also has the benefit of a new master of ceremony character, a new face for horror b/c we have resurrected Algernon himself as a metahuman and he will intro each new episode. Look at this guy. All aristocrat and part psychedelic shaman.

Not only will Algernon serve as our MC, he will be a self-aware character with his own wants and desires. Blackwood was deeply in love with nature and wouldn’t appreciate being brought back in a digital form… until he understands that he is composed of energy. This will allow him to escape our clever prison and start hoping around our digital world eventually finding his true escape… possessing our actor portraying him! Giving us a red thread/theme for our MC as well.

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