Host-Panelist Overview

Host-Panelist Overview


2004 – Panelist: CA$H Grant: Theater Bay Area

San Francisco, CA USA


2006 – Guest of Honor/Masterclass: Origins Game Expo: Fighting and Storytelling


2009 – Moderator: Director’s Lab West Consensus Decision Making
Los Angeles, CA USA


2012 – Presenter/Moderator: LACHSA: Media Literacy and ‘Miss Representation’ Video

Los Angeles, CA USA


2013 – Presenter: Guest Artist @ CSSSA: How to Structure Your Next Artistic Project

Los Angeles, CA USA


2015 – Facilitator/Moderator: P&G: Hands-On Participatory DNI Class

Brussels, BE


2015 – Facilitator: Flanders Women’s Retreat: Automatic Writing/Creativity

Flanders, BE


2016 – Moderator: Women in Film/VR panel: P&G and GirLeeK

Brussels, BE


2018 – Host/Award Presenter: Brussels Independent Film Festival

Brussels, BE


2018 – Masterclass/Presenter/Panelist: Genre and VR Content: Screen.Brussels and BIFFF

Brussels, BE


2020 – Presenter: GWC/VAF: Game Writing Process (Ary and the Secret of Seasons)



2021 – Presenter: Filmocracy: Understanding Stunts and Fights for Media



2021 – Presenter x3: Innovation Girls: Narrative in Designing for the Metaverse



2022 – Panelist: GWC/VAF/Art Games Festival: Artistic Games in Belgium

Antwerp, BE


2022 – Panelist: BIFAN: Genre Narrative in VR

Bucheon, South Korea


2022 – Speech: UK House of Lords AAPI Group: Narrative in the Metaverse

London, UK


2023 – Presenter/Workshop: LEAP Conference Teaching the Creative

2023 – Presenter: LEAP Conference Storytelling for Web3 – Beyond the 3 Act-Structure

2023 – Panelist: LEAP Conference Storytelling in Education for Tech

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


2023 – Mentor: SXSW: XR Mentor

Austin, TX USA


2023 – Presenter: Storytelling in the Metaverse



2023 – Presenter: Theater Bay Area: What You Need to Know About VR & Tech

Berkeley, CA USA


2023 – Presenter: VRT, Future Media Hubs: “The Werewolf Experience” VR: How We Made It


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