Drunk Zombie Duelists

Drunk Zombie Duelists

Drunk Zombie Duelists – Upcoming: Seeking Funding (proof of concept completed)

360 Volumetric Capture Series with NFT and Metaverse activation

A Special Production with a Huge Impact

This project not only blends genres, we are going to blend technologies as well. While the dialogue and comedy are going to be filmed with stereoscopic 360 cameras, the fights will be captured volumetrically.

This will create a level of interaction and immediacy that is severely lacking in fights in regular 360 films/shows. What the Matrix films did for on-screen combat with “bullet-time”, volumetric capture will do for Drunk Zombie Duelists.

Jean and Pierre were born in the 17th century; expert swordsmen and the best of friends. The 17th century is, also, technically, when they died …or, even more technically, when Pierre killed Jean in a duel. But then 10 years later Pierre is inextricably pulled back to the same woods where he killed his friend. Only to find Jean’s body still there, barely starting to decompose …who then wakes up.


After finishing off the wine Pierre has brought with him, they fight again. This time Jean kills Pierre. However, ten years later, back at the same spot, Pierre wakes up to find Jean standing over him with a crate wine. And, eventually, drunk off their asses, they fight again.


You see, their original duel was fought in the cursed forest of Hallerbois and now every ten years they have to fight each other again or never leave the woods. One dies, one walks free for ten years. However, ten years to the day the winner of the previous duel is unavoidably pulled back to the forest and the two must fight again, and again, and again. Wouldn’t you have a few drinks in order to fight and kill your zombie BFF every ten years(and to combat the undying-zombie ennui)? Drinking, comedy, fighting and zombies …what more could you want?


This 5-7 minute, five-episode, 360 volumetric capture series follows Jean and Pierre through 250+ years all the way to the present day as their friendship unfolds, collapses, stagnates, flourishes, and as they kill each other over, and over again… and again. We will come to learn that Jean has been in love with Pierre from the beginning. But this will end up meaning little to Pierre as his heart is too damaged from the many dead loves he’s left behind in the world. This, coupled with his discovery of other cursed individuals walking the earth, has proved to him that he and Jean are immortal and above humanity and any moral code. He vows to spend his time outside the forest trying to rule the planet and wreaking havoc. The season ends with Jean swearing to keep Pierre in the forest for eternity as they clash for the fate of humanity.

Reality Plus - Christopher Morrison

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