The Werewolf Experience

The Werewolf Experience

The Werewolf Experience – Cinematic VR: In Festivals Now!
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The Werewolf Experience

1851: Fool's Errand, California

You wake from your drunken stupor from your day of drinking. Why did you drink yourself into oblivion? What have you done? What are you hiding from yourself? You are in a dirty alleyway, in a dirty city close to the turn of the century. Flat on your back you stare into the dusk sky. Your only company is the ominous raven perched on one of the building’s roof and the dog growling at you at the mouth of the alley.

Then the clouds part revealing the full moon, and your horrifying transformation begin. Once complete, you must hunt the glorious white stag to satiate your hunger. But your transformation and your blood-curdling howls have not gone unnoticed.

You are a werewolf, and you are hungry… and the townspeople are coming for you.

Inside The Werewolf Experience, the audience IS the werewolf. They experience themselves transforming. They run, jump, and hunt as a werewolf as the entire event unfolds from the werewolf’s POV.

The Werewolf Experience is a unique event blending cinematic storytelling, gaming, fully immersive 3-D rendered VR from a 1st person’s perspective, and a genuinely original interactive element: the player must use their own voice to HOWL to trigger decision points throughout the event.

A Howling Good Time!

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