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Press / Quotes

What the Press Has To Say About Mr. Morrison:


The Hollywood Reporter

Writer-director Christopher Morrison is ingenious. Reid gives a superb performance.

–Stephen Farber, (The Bellwether)

LA Times

Teems with so many ideas. A powerful and wide-ranging lead performance from Alex Reid.

–Noel Murray, (The Bellwether)

This is a fully unique experience as far as films go… the film has a deeply-embedded and unwavering strength. Reid is superb. 

–Jeannie Blue, (The Bellwether)

The Bellwether is a damn fine fright flick; the message it conveys is timely and important, it’s got a killer aesthetic, and the performance by Reid is not to be missed… plus it’s full of tension and menace. 

–Daniel XII, (The Bellwether)

Reid is a British actress and Morrison developed the concept of the film well before the events of the Me Too and Time’s Up movements, yet it is as timely and relevant as if it were conceived as a mascot movie for the movements.

–Tim Cogshell, (The Bellwether)

Makes ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ look like ‘Melrose Place’. My worst feminist nightmare come to horrifying life. I had to pause the film to take a Plan B.

–Amanda Duarte, creator/host of “Dead Darlings” and co-creator of “Pussy Grabs Back”, (The Bellwether)

The Oakland Tribune

“Impact’s secret weapon is Christopher Morrison, whose work as a director is smart and funny.”

–Chad Jones (Money and Run Ep. I-III)

The Albany Star

“…a brave move towards a different style of theater.”

–Brendan Irvine-Broque, (Yippie, Skippy)

East Bay Express

“Director Christopher Morrison is inspired…”

–Katy E. Shrout (Action Movie: The Play)


“…he has proven himself a huge asset to the creative process…His attention to detail and artistic sensibility were vital in making [Bar at the Edge of the Earth] a reality.”

–unsolicited letter of recommendation for Mr. Morrison from Cirque du Soleil, New Ventures, (full letter on request.)

Fight Choreography:

SF Bay Guardian

“Most Kick-Ass Fight Choreography Award”  

“Christopher Morrison’s amazing combat sequences for The Wake-Up Crew, which pitched some very physically gifted actors across the tiny La Val’s stage (and nearly through the walls) with fearless abandon.”

–Brad Rosenstein’s Year-End Theatre Awards

The Boston Globe:

“Christopher Morrison’s [fight] choreography was as exciting as something in the movies, where it is easier.”

–Richard Dyer

Oakland Tribune

“You have not seen fight choreography until you see Christopher Morrison’s work.”

–Chad Jones

San Francisco Bay Times

“The fight scenes, by the way, as choreographed by professional Christopher Morrison were nothing short of brilliant.”

–Drew VanDyche

Martini Republic: LA

“Some of the most violent scenes [in Macbeth] turned out to be very disturbing for a long time afterwards.”


Backstage West

“Fight Choreographer Christopher Morrison [has] created a number of lively physical brawling and stage fighting scenes.”

–John Angell Grant

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