Ioana Matei

Ioana Matei

Ioana Matei

A top-performing professional with experience in delivering global IT services supporting 65-billion-dollar sales ranging from business intelligence to emerging & immersive technologies.

She has a reputation for building collaborative relationships with all stakeholders and mentoring and championing teams to achieve outstanding results. I have succeeded in leading a team of 70+ people, including multiple global vendors that delivered 10K+ users with million-dollar budgets and 5% global business impact. 

I have proven track of in the digital creative space: my latest platform P&G LifeLab has been ranked number two experiences at CES 2021. Track record in writing, directing, and producing award-winning short films “Amazones” (2015) and the feature film “The Bellwether”. I have co-founded Women in Immersive Technologies Europe and am running the VR section of the Fine Arts Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Ioana Matei

Work Experience

More than 12 years of experience in IT Business Intelligence combined & Virtual Reality Capabilities with Global Consumer Goods Industry (Procter&Gamble).

I have experience in creating and managing global BI Solutions & Services, serving more than 10,000 users from day to day operations to top management. Experience in managing global projects with external suppliers (Oracle, HP, Infosys, Accenture) and hands on analytics experience (qualified analyst certifications).

I am passionate about innovation in BI with focus on simplification of decision making, linking data with business needs, providing the right insights at the right time to the right people via smart analytics and reporting solutions. I am leading the innovation pipeline for P&G Virtual Reality Solutions, combining internal product/customer/consumer knowledge with external VR/AR capabilities.

I am passionate about supporting women in IT functions. I am P&G European Leader for Diversity & Inclusion in IT, managing initiatives which focus on promoting women in IT functions, making the work environment inclusive for minorities like LGBT and People with Disabilities.

I am passionate about creativity in workspace by using film & story telling techniques. I co-funded Reality+ Production which mission is to support women-centric films and women in cinema. 

Managing end to end delivery of Virtual Solutions capabilities for P&G. Virtual Solutions are used by our Sales & Customer Teams to create an immersive environment for Customer Reviews by simulating our P&G products and initiatives in virtual stores. Our Virtual Solutions capabilities are also used by our R&D department for artwork/packaging design and shopper understanding. Our multi-million dollar Virtual Solutions Capabilities are delivered on-time, accurately and with the latest P&G and competitor images. I am managing the innovation pipeline for Virtual Solutions Delivery, focusing on how to implement new VR/AR technologies, boosting VR content value by combining it with internal data and applying new business models in the way we source and manage images for the company. 

Business Intelligence Solutions are one of the core IT competences of P&G. It provides capabilities of data analysis, data manipulation, reporting solutions which help out business to take faster and better decisions and automate non-core decision-making. In my role, I have managed the delivery of the first BI solution in P&G – Business Sphere and Business Sufficiency. I implemented the solution in 60+ markets and now it is used by every Leadership Team in P&G. External references: I have managed the innovation pipeline for reporting space by looking at automation and intuitive (“google-like”) search capabilities. We have improved the speed of data access, information delivery and also achieved more than 20% cost reduction. 

Supply Chain Analytics is one of the Business Analytics branch of the IT department in P&G, in charge of providing high complex analytics of P&G supply chain: sourcing – open/close production sites, distribution – redesign distribution networks internal (warehouses) or with the vendors (e.g. DHL), inventory models – analytics on what is the optimal product inventory at each level of the distribution: factory, warehouse, store, shelf and purchasing pricing strategy – pricing analytics including external factors like oil price. As a qualified PS Analyst I have lead several sourcing studies among which Pringles Production expansion in Asia, Beauty Care supply chain optimization in Europe. I have improved and deployed inventory models in Europe, Middle East and Africa and run Purchasing analysis on different production components like pulp price and oil price. 

OMP is P&G’s global production planning system, connected with SAP for detailed and optimized planning schedules. Procter-and-Gamble-for-Global-Site-Integrated-Planning As global product owner of OMP, I was in charge of deployments, upgrades, contract management with vendor, support and tool configuration. 

DIV Computers mission is to help qualify the Romanian workforce in IT skills. 

Education and Training

08/2003 – 06/2006
Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Tampere University, Finland

08/1998 – 07/2002
Bachelor Degree in Economics, Major in International Relations at “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania

08/1999 – 07/2002
(2nd degree, parallel studies) Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania 

Supporting Organisations

Member of CIO NET (2015 – current)

CIO NET is the biggest global community of IT Executives globally.

Member of BeAngels (2015 – current)

Angel investor for Belgium based startup/scale-ups.

Co-founder of Reality+ Production

Reality+ Production is a filmmaking company whose mission is to fund and support female-centric movies and women in cinema.

Executive Producer of “Joanne” 

Joanne is a female-centric movie with a bold challenge to direct, for the first time in cinema history, a one-room, one-female film. As Executive Producer, I manage Finances, Marketing and Distribution. 


Reality Plus - Christopher Morrison

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